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by Christina L. Moreland

What is a “Super Mom?” I think it’s time we create a new definition… Watch my video below for some inspiration, but first, I’d like to share the story that inspired this video and message…
And my 5 tips to becoming a Super Mom



I just got back from Santa Clara, California for several days, attending an event called, “Experts Academy” with my mom…

If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically 4 days of intensive training on everything to do with marketing your business in the online space. I know this isn’t relevant for parenting or fitness, but WATCH THIS VIDEO now, Because what I’m about to tell you can change your life…
My mom was my +1 when I was blessed to invite someone to come along with me to this event, and she happily accepted. In fact, she took 4 days off a very demanding and important job and spent her own money to fly to California with me and we split our expenses! That means she paid her share of the hotel and the cost of flying from Texas to California for 4 days just to help me!!!
She came every single day to every single session of the event, taking notes with me and doing the breakout sessions so we could come back together and brainstorm and progress quicker.
All to support me.
THAT, my friend, is a Super Mom.
When I was younger I had to wear coke bottle glasses for years because I was having trouble seeing the board in class. Mom was like, “something’s not right. No one else in our family has this eye problem.” So she got me the glasses the doctors (she took me to more than one of them) said I needed, and she kept pushing for answers…
She finally found a doctor known for curing blindness in babies and took me to see her to get contacts. The doctor took all of 10 seconds to examine my eyes, put her equipment away, and looked right at my mom…
“We’re not going to put Christina in contacts today…”
Mom was gearing up for a fight — “She’s responsible!” “She can Handle it!” “She’s young, but it’ll work…”
…and the doctor continued, “Because we’re going to have her out of these glasses within a year.”
She then proceeded to explain that the eye problem was a muscle related problem that was from when I was a baby and had a lazy eye that was corrected with surgery and the eye doctor didn’t patch the eye… so that meant the eye MUSCLES never developed to be as strong as the other eye.
If Mom had waited another YEAR to discover this, my eyes would have been ruined forever. She pushed until she got answers…
That is a Super Mom.
All my life, my mom’s been there to help me along the way.
I’m blessed to be close to both of my parents, but I lived with my mom for 16+ years after my parents were divorced when I was about 2. She didn’t have the money to send me to college and I only received a limited amount of student loans and grants, but she gave up the house she was renting at the time to save money, and moved in with my grandparents so I could go to college. How many mothers can say we’ve given up something of such sacrifice to our children?
I’m sure we all can, but call me biased, but I just believe I was so blessed to have the best of the Super Moms.
That is yet another story of a Super Mom.
What does Super Mom mean to you?
This is an important question because often we hear those words and immediately think of the superhero mom — beautiful, makeup and lifestyle on point, juggling all the balls and never missing a single one — AND on top of all that, she can leap tall buildings and wear a cape and heels while doing so… Is that you? ME EITHER!
“Supermom” is an unrealistic superhero, and one I don’t wish to aspire to be. She’s not REAL! I want to be like MY Super Mom — giving with love effortlessly to help shape the little people I want to create, because they are going to go out into the world and make a huge difference.
Because it started with me… it started with YOU. WE are the ones to shape our kids, and the future of the world.
I think it’s time we start creating a new definition for Super Mom, don’t you??
Luckily for me I have a wonderful example already in my life. Is there someone you have in yours that makes you want to be and do better as a mom? Maybe it’s your mom, a friend, or your sister. In what area of your Super Mom-ness could you be a little better? I have my goals (it’s OK for all of us to want better for ourselves and our children!)
But today I’m going to challenge you to think about this one question. And I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE it if you would send me your answer!!!
Related to your kids, what are you trying to accomplish THIS YEAR?
Notice I said this year, which is a pretty long amount of time when I comes to a goal. I want you to think BIG and ask that question of yourself from the standpoint of what would make your happiness at home better?
Don’t think about it too hard — you already know the answer.
Now, tell me what it is!
Christina 😊

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