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by Christina L. Moreland

Recently, I went to a marketing event, where I met tons of great new contacts and friends.

One of them was Tiger Todd, a Hollywood philanthropist, with the “Hero’s Journey” whose goal is to help the homeless learn the tools and techniques that will help them get off the streets. Since 1995, Tiger has helped transform more than 40,000 homeless men and women into responsible, motivated, contributing members of their communities. Can you say, “WOW!?”

Well, over dinner, I accidentally discovered Tiger also sings OPERA, an amazing skill my son, Ashton, shows an interest in doing. It’s quite a funny story — Ashton often comes downstairs in the mornings and sings — at the top of his lungs…

Visiting with Tiger Todd at dinner and discussing how to find hidden talents in kids.

Visiting with Tiger Todd at dinner and discussing how to find hidden talents in kids.

… Luke, the younger one, of course HATES his brother’s singing and starts yelling and complaining for his brother to stop. It’s a total circus of yelling and shouting and me trying to calm everyone and restore order in the house again… something any mom with more than one child TOTALLY can relate with, lol!

On the one hand, I want to foster this interest in singing opera my son has, and see where it might lead… on the other, he often does this singing-at-the-top-of-his-lungs thing specifically to taunt and annoy his brother. So, I’m not exactly sure if this is an actual talent or not — but I’m willing to find out!

When I was younger, like around first grade, I used to get in trouble at school for humming while I was working in class. It wasn’t on purpose, but it used to distract and annoy the other kids. My mom actually got pulled into a parent / teacher conference over this. As a result, I stopped singing — something I loved to do. Now, who knows if it was an actual talent or not, or if it could have been developed, but the point is, our kids have hidden talents!

I often look around and wonder about the other children I know. Who is the next Jose Altuve? The next Jackie Evancho? The next cello prodigy? The thing is, most kids are phenomenally talented and we just never get a chance to uncover it!

So, in this interview with Tiger, we talk about some ways to learn about the hidden talents with your children.

This was an unplanned interview my friend Dave happened to capture for us. Hope you enjoy it!

Key Takeaways:

1. Hour of Power

2. Let them try anything! We never told our kids they have to play one particular sport — we encourage them to try baseball, soccer, music, acting classes, etc — to get a feel for what they really love and feel good doing.
Giving your kids lots of opportunities to try new things will allow you (and them) to see the potential in things you may have never guessed they’d enjoy.

3. Sometimes the best coach is someone who doesn’t actually teach the sport, or in this case, music. Here, Tiger references how in opera, “kids hate opera instructors, we HATES them!” And he goes on to explain why. And who you should seek out if you suspect your child has a hidden talent, to foster it.

Go watch this video right now, and then COMMENT below…

What hidden talent do you suspect your child has? Do you see something in them others ignore? Please share, I’d love to know!

This will be a fun game of discovery within our own children. 🙂

– Christina


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