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www.secretsofthesupermoms.comby Christina L. Moreland We are plunging to the end of the summer, and if your kids are like mine, they are having a harder time entertaining themselves WITHOUT begging to be on the iPad or Wii all day long! As a parent it gets exhausting to continually say “No” without feeling like a drill sergeant. These tips will help you incorporate some media limits into the “structure” of your remaining summer days for your kids. Good luck! And please, if you try these tips and have any feedback, feel free to post comments here or on Facebook. — Christina 🙂

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supermomwcapeAbout the Author: Christina Moreland, author of Secrets of the Super Moms, is the Super Mom of a bright, spunky nine-year-old and sweet and sensitive five-year-old. She is passionate about fitness and all sorts of parenting and childcare topics. Her goal with this column is to share fun and interesting information to help other parents create healthy homes. Follow Christina’s Secrets of the Super Moms page on Facebook at You can also follow her on Twitter @supermombook or visit her YouTube Channel at


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