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A high school teacher once described me as “the consummate juggler of time.” That description was never more fitting than when this career woman became a mother. At that point, like countless mothers before me, I both wanted and needed to become a Super Mom. That’s how this idea was born.

My former life was as a career woman, in my case in public relations and marketing. But soon after the birth of my first child, I realized that I was being called to what, for me, was a higher purpose – becoming the foundational support and connector to a happy, balanced and productive home and family life for that child. Like many moms, I discovered that my life was no longer my own, but belonged to my son, now – and every decision I made from that point on affected him.

Immediately, I was plunged into the same struggles that so many intelligent, motivated and talented working moms are plagued with every day. How is it, I wondered, that an evolved, sophisticated society like ours still wants it both ways – placing a stigma on mothers who choose to stay at home, in order to maintain balance in their lives and the lives of their children, yet also hammering mothers who choose to work outside the home for being inaccessible to their children. Mothers who go to work feel guilty. Mothers who stay home feel cut off from their former peers and their professional lives.



So what did I decide? After nearly two years of leaving my son at daycare to work a 60-hour workweek, feeling guilty and living in a state of imbalance, I made the tough decision to give up my former role of businesswoman and embrace my new career as CEO of the Moreland Household. While my past professional life was certainly helpful in my planning efforts at home, still nothing could have prepared me for the adventurous life that gives meaningful purpose to the successful mom.

The story about how I got here is a Super Mom crash course on its own… And a cookie completely changed my fate…

I didn’t cook a lot before I had children and I had slaved for over an hour making this amazing (and healthy!) chicken broccoli casserole for my then 3-year-old son that I knew he loved…

He had eaten it before and it had come from Grandma’s recipe box — I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love meals from Grandma??

Well I was super proud of myself for shopping for the ingredients, cooking the meal, getting it right, and getting it on the table before 10 p.m….

“Eat your dinner, Ashton; I made something just for you that I know you’ll like!” I said brightly.


“No, Mommy, I don’t want it,” came the response from my son. I could feel the panic starting to set in… What if he won’t eat? If he won’t eat, he won’t sleep and he’ll wake up frequently, which means, WE won’t sleep. I started to bid farewell to my night of precious sleep…


And that’s how it went, until my husband suddenly got up from the table, walked to the pantry and came back with a Lazy Susan and a cookie. I looked at him, confused. He placed the Lazy Susan smack in the center of the table with the cookie on the tray in the twelve o’clock position to Ashton…


“Ashton, do you know what this is?” he asked.




“This is a Cookie Clock. I will place the cookie at the top of the clock and for every bite you take, the cookie will get closer to you. Once it gets in front of you, it’s yours to eat. But if you don’t eat your dinner then the cookie is mine.”


Ashton smiled, because now dinner had become a game with a tasty reward at the end. After that, dinner was a snap…

I looked at my husband, amazed… my first thought was, you are the most brilliant person in the world! My immediate second thought was, hmm, I wonder how many other moms are in this exact same scenario RIGHT NOW and how many of them would love to have this little trick up their sleeves right now!

For weeks afterward, I kept noticing how many times I was improvising according to the situation and creating great solutions at the same time – my growing arsenal of what I began referring to as “Mom Secrets.”

And honestly, standing there in the kitchen while this was happening, I just had this overwhelming thought — “help these moms.” I began writing what I’d wished had been available when I had my first child, and the ideas never stopped…

Without a doubt, the toughest part of being a mom is the enormous pressure we place on ourselves to be Supermom, desperately trying to juggle everything life throws at us without dropping a single ball… But Supermom isn’t real. She’s a fictitious superhero, not even close to anyone’s reality or capability.

We are real, though, and although we may not be able to leap tall buildings and don a cape while doing it, we are Super Moms… To grab a free copy of this book, Click Here. And for a free copy of “Fit Mom Secrets,” Click Here.

It is with a sincere aspiration to connect moms together, that I share this blog and the topics in it. I’m also very curious about all of you out there in the trenches with me and how you make it work from day to day. My goal with the Secrets of the Super Mom blog is to create a place where I can do my part to build up other moms to have confidence in their own abilities, trust their instincts, and believe they are Super Moms and super women. I also want to discuss some of the topics and everyday challenges we moms find ways to improvise solutions to in the moment and include some very relevant topics the doctors and child experts don’t necessarily tell you about.

Above all, I hope you’ll share your stories with me as I share mine. And if you’re interested in connecting with more Super Moms, just like you, then check out the public Facebook page at There, you can get insightful responses from other moms who are in a similar circumstance and who can offer advice and calming words of wisdom from being in the trenches with you.