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by Christina L. Moreland

Hey moms! Christina Moreland here, author of “Secrets of the Super Moms” and “Fit Mom Secrets.” (You can get both for free at these included links.)

And just in case it’s your first time visiting me, I’d like to just give you a little bit of background:

I’ve written two parenting books for moms called “Secrets of the Super Moms,” it’s a Part 1, Part 2 series that can be read in any order.  And recently, I released a new book, called, “Fit Mom Secrets,” which helps moms get back into shape after they have children.

I’m also a certified fitness coach and I’ve worked with some amazing people in the fitness industry. I’ve had the privilege to work in the sports nutrition industry for 10+ years…And I’ve also worked with a nutritionist for 19 years on my personal goals. So all of that experience went into “Fit Mom Secrets.”

Today we’re going to discuss 3 Key Ways Busy Moms Can Win Their New Year’s Goals, because I believe a lot of moms struggle with this. It’s easy to set a goal, but actually attaining it once you’ve set it is a lot harder, right?

If you have a fitness goal this year, it’s really important that we maintain consistency, but did you know that over 25% of people who set a fitness goal coming into the New Year will have dropped it by the end of the first week? And more than half of them will drop that goal within 6 months!

So here we are in the third week of January, so let’s discuss the 3 Key Ways that we can not only complete and successfully achieve our goals for January, but also through the rest of the entire year.

Here are 3 things you can do this week, and they are really simple, and I think that they will help you a lot: Also, if you have a goal for 2018, feel free to write it down here in the comments because when you see a goal in your own handwriting or in your own words and share it with other people, it shows a real commitment to that goal and you’re more likely to achieve it.

  1. Set a weekly goal, not a monthly goal.

If I’m working with a client and she says “I want to lose 20 pounds,” well, we break that down week by week. And the reason why is because it’s more manageable. And I also need to figure out what does that 20 pounds look like in her mind? We need to do some measurements, and we need to figure out if that is 20 pounds of scale weight, or body fat,  because as you’re increasing muscle, your weight might stabilize while you’re burning fat at the same time. So first define what your goal is, get crystal clear on it, and then break it up weekly.

One of the reasons why most people fail at any goal — and it doesn’t have to be fitness-related that we’re talking about now, but at any goal —  is because they will set a realistic goal within an unrealistic time-frame.

So think about that for a minute: yes of course it’s realistic to lose 20 pounds, and it’s even realistic to lose 30 pounds, but you’re not going to lose it in a week, or even in two weeks. It’s going to take some time and it’s going to take some consistency. Here’s another example: let’s just say that your goal is to exercise 20 times in a 30-day window…  well that sounds AWESOME! That’s an incredible goal to have! And it is realistic to exercise 20 times… but is it realistic within a 30-day time frame?

What if your child decides to join a sport? What if he or she, like most of us in Texas right now, gets the flu and that takes you out for several days, or even a week or two? Life happens, and it needs to happen, and so we want to make sure that whenever we set a goal, that it’s realistic AND it’s within a realistic time-frame.

Why is this important?

It becomes really hard to forgive yourself…  let’s just say you did set that goal to work out 20 times in a 30-day window…  it becomes really hard to forgive yourself when real life happens and you become human —  because guess what, we’re all human and we all go through those daily challenges.

So again, I like to set a weekly goal because it’s more manageable.

Here’s what that looks like: I’ll ask myself, “what can I do this week? What is it that I really want to do? What is my number one thing?”  And then once you have those answers, take the steps to get there.

Map your goal out on your calendar. I’ve also found that it’s easier if I schedule it like an appointment and I block out everything else. It puts my intentions in my own handwriting, and it shows a real commitment. Once you get to the end of the week and you’re successful, then give yourself a sticker or any kind of motivational tool that’s going to help you stick with it. Reward yourself for successfully completing it. Repeat this process week after week, and then eventually you will have built up a repertoire of successes, which is super important. So again, setting up a shorter, more manageable goal will allow you to do that.

Here’s another little tip: I’m one of those people that’s kind of motivated by what can “earn” this week, so I’m motivated by “earnings” or rewards  if I stick to this [insert your goal here], can I earn a pair of earrings? Can I earn a night out or that glass of wine that I just want to savor at the end of a busy week? What will I be able to earn? 

For example, we’ll often get new workout gear because it’s motivating to wear new stuff, to get new shoes, new headbands, new clothing that allow you to feel prepared. For example, I like the big, thick rubber-bands because I have thick ponytails and so that’s motivating for me — and it doesn’t need to be expensive to reward yourself — and then I feel like I showed up and I’m prepared.

So keep in mind, set realistic goals within realistic time-frames, because most people do the opposite, and they will set a realistic goal but they will set it within an unrealistic time-frame.

And here’s a little bonus tip: it’s not one of the three that we’re talking about today, but it’s just a bonus tip I like to do that’s helpful: Write what you’re planning on doing as though you’ve already completed it.

Because again, it’s saying, “I worked out for 30 minutes, or I did a high intensity interval training circuit for an hour, or I ate lean fish with broccoli and rice for lunch because I knew it would advance me towards my goal.You’ll see this in your own handwriting and you’ll want to honor it because it’s like a written contract with yourself.

Another reason why people fail at their goals, or why they feel like they’re failing at their goals, is because if they set something in motion and then don’t complete it, especially if it’s something really simple but they don’t achieve it,  then they start to feel like a failure and it’s not as motivating to continue. To Tip #2 will help you there:

  1. Stick to just three things.  

The first tip is to set a weekly goal, not monthly. The second tip is only do three things this week to move toward your goal. Another reason why people fail to achieve their goals is because  they become overwhelmed and distracted. They want to do so much within such a short time- frame, and sticking to just 3 things for the week helps you to avoid that trap.

Here’s what that looks like: Pick 3 things for the week and don’t add to them at all until you have successfully been able to complete those three things consistently for at least 2 or 3 weeks. So, if you say, “I want to drink more water,” define how much water you need to be drinking, and that one thing becomes one of your three items for the week.

Side Tip: And by the way, your bare minimum of water to drink per day is determined like this:

Take your current body weight and divide that number by half,  and that’s the minimum you should be drinking in ounces every single day. So let’s just say that your goal this week is to drink your bare minimum of water in ounces at least 4 times this week. Once you’ve done that consistently for 2 to 3 weeks, then you’ve mastered that skill and you’re ready to add something else to the list. So pick three action items to move toward your goal, and stick with them.

Before I get into the third tip, I just want to tell you moms that everybody is human. Everybody goes through yo-yo dieting or having difficulty completing a task… That’s just human nature.

And I had a really, really hard time losing the baby weight after my second baby. I knew I needed to lose weight — I’d feel better and be healthier. But my two children are four years apart in age, and in between that time-frame I had two miscarriages. So, my second son was technically my fourth pregnancy. And for about four years, my hormones were fluctuating up and down, along with my weight, and it was a real challenge to stay motivated.

Additionally, once I had that second baby I was also 4 years older, and I felt that age difference tremendously. So I really struggled for a long time. I knew WHAT to do, I had worked in the sports nutrition industry and had already successfully lost the baby weight with Baby #1. I was eating what I thought were lean, healthy meals every day, and I was eating four times per day. Now, I wasn’t drinking enough water, but that wasn’t enough on its own to keep me from reaching the goal. And with the second baby I had 35 pounds to lose, which on my 5-foot 1-inch frame was quite a lot, and so I finally went to my nutritionist.

He said, “tell me everything you’re eating,” and I did, and we wrote it all down and then we made some tweaks. I went from eating four meals per day to 5 meals per day, spaced out at every 3 hours. Now, because of what I’ve learned from him, I always lead with a protein source at every meal. And by the way, to figure out how much protein you should consume at every meal, you take your bodyweight and divide that by 5, and you’ll know how much protein you should consume at each and every meal.

Example: let’s make the math easy and just say you weigh 120 pounds… you divide that number by 5, and you would need 24 grams of protein at every meal. When you do that consistently and you lead with your protein, you’re going to keep your precious muscle tissue while you burn fat at the same time, and that will allow you to burn more calories, even at rest.

That was just one of the things that we did to tweak my program. It didn’t take long, but it took longer than most people are willing to give it before they give up. So let’s just say you haven’t seen the results you want after 2 weeks… well, it took me four months to lose the rest of the baby weight! But my body had completely transformed.

As I was building muscle, I was also losing body fat, and I lost 12% body fat in only 16 weeks. My body looked completely different — I was a leaner, healthier version of myself. But the weight had only changed by 5 pounds on the scale. So here’s my third tip — and it’s for you moms who are obsessive about your weight on the scale and you’re looking at the scale weekly, or even daily. This tip is for you:


This is critical, and it’s because a scale cannot accurately tell you how much your body fat is, or how much you’re losing as you’re gaining muscle. Additionally, if you’re doing resistance training and gaining muscle while you’re losing fat, the scale cannot keep track of that ratio. The scale is truly and literally a FAT liar!

Again, do not weigh yourself, even if you get tempted, because the scale cannot tell you what your percentage of body fat is to lean muscle, it can’t tell you how much muscle you’ve gained over a certain period of time. And If you’ve been working at it for awhile, muscle is more dense than fat, so you can actually weigh MORE on the scale, but be a leaner, healthier person. And remember the example that I used earlier after my second baby was born — I had only lost a total of 5 pounds on the scale, but I had lost 12% body fat and looked completely different.

What would your body look like in 4 months from now if you stuck with something consistently?  If you picked just 3 things this week that you can achieve in 7 days to advance toward your goal? If by Friday or by Saturday you can look back and say you did all three things this week? What would your body look like? And what would it look like if you did that week, after week, after week, for four months?

That’s 16 weeks. Now, when you’re in the middle of it, I understand, it sounds like a lot. When you’re actually doing the workouts and you really want to see those results quickly, 4 months can feel like a long time. But 4 months is really NOTHING. It’s a season out of the year, and then you could be back in shape.

Understand what we’re talking about does take time, but once you hit that “Progression Threshold,” which is where your body starts to perform on its own and you’re burning more calories at rest because you’re building muscle… when you get into that Performance Mode,  then success happens a lot quicker.

The success will accelerate especially if you’re doing high intensity intervals because when you do H.I.I.T. style workouts you’ll get what’s called the “Afterburn,” where you burn calories for hours, even after you’ve completed the workout. The first few weeks on a new program can be really tough, so I just want to tell you to Trust the Process, Set Realistic Goals, Don’t Weigh Yourself, and stick with it consistently, and you will see results!

The last thing I want to share is…  I feel like, as mothers, we often falsely believe that when we have kids that we must accept the changes our bodies go through without the ability to transform then again. And that’s just not true. Oftentimes we feel guilty or we feel like we’re bad moms if we put our self-care on a high priority level. And I want to tell you that’s a complete MYTH.

Your self-care is very important. Your goals and dreams are worthwhile. And it’s actually better for your family if you stick with it and if you take care of your own health, and if you have more energy, and if you stick to the things that you really want to accomplish week after week. I call this the Ripple Effect, where because you feel great and have more energy, you’re able to give more care and spread more of yourself around to others. You can give more to your kids, to your spouse, to everybody who needs more of Mom.

Everybody needs more Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, all day long, right? And if you put yourself in a high priority level, and you gain what I call, your “Super Self” back, then you’re more likely to not only achieve your own goals, but also spread yourself to others as well. So today I just want to encourage you — remember that your goals are worthwhile AND they are achievable. So stick with it consistently, set those weekly goals, don’t weigh yourself, trust the process and believe you are worth it.

I’m here for you. If you need a coach, and you’re one of those people who needs someone to tell them what to do, what to eat and when, and need help with accountability, I can do that for you. One thing I’ve heard people say is, “Christina I just need to know what to do, just tell me what to eat, just tell me what workouts to do…”  

So if you need somebody like that, then I do have a program and I can be your coach. I’m super motivated to help, and I have a lot of experience in the fitness industry, and I also have the benefit of seeing the process work several times. I’ve seen people get amazing results, I’ve worked with people to get amazing results.

So, if you feel like you need a coach, reach out to me! You can Message me here

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Stick with it because your goals are achievable and they are worthwhile — remember that. Although it may not happen overnight or in one week or two weeks, and it won’t happen if you set an unrealistic time-frame, but if you set a realistic time-frame and you show up every day and you’re consistent, than your goals WILL happen.

So let’s be the ones who stick with it, not only through the month of January, but also through the entire year of 2018. Let’s make 2018 YOUR best year ever!

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